Product F.A.Q's

How does Mr Bright work?

Who needs to whiten their smile?

But, will Mr Bright make my teeth sensitive?

Does Mr Bright work on Caps, Crowns, Porcelain Veneers?

Is Mr Bright teeth whitening Safe?

Does the kit work on crooked teeth?

Shipping F.A.Q's

How long does shipping take and where do you deliver to?

Usage F.A.Q's

How much Mr Bright gel do I need per application?

How long do I have to apply Mr Bright for?

How long until I start to see results with Mr Bright?

What sort of results will Mr Bright give me? And how long will my teeth stay white for?

Is there any reasons why I should not use Mr Bright?

Where is the best place to store my Gel and Pen? How long will they last for?

What does the LED light do?

I have excess saliva when using the kit, what do I do?

Do I have to use the customized mouth trays?

Can I use the kit with braces?

Can I use the kit if I have a retainer?

My LED light isn't working?