About Us

We care about two things; great hair and the Earth. That’s why we have developed a high-performing, zero plastic, 100% vegan shampoo bar filled with unique natural ingredients sourced from all over Australia. Our shampoo bar is an exciting, eco-friendly alternative to liquid shampoo that doesn’t compromise on hair care performance.

Our Products

Plastic Free
Honest Trading
Water Free
No Harmful Chemicals

Our production

Energy Efficient

Our manufacturer's responsible energy consumption is part of their green ethos. Using both solar power and water evaporation systems, they are heading towards becoming the country’s first 6 leaf energy-rated commercial facility.

Water Usage

They catch, harvest and treat their water from the eight roofs of their Eco-Estate. This means their water is both ethically sourced and of the purest quality – perfect for the production of beauty products. Nothing is added to the water, and nothing is taken away.


Our manufacturer is actively working towards becoming a completely self-sufficient, off-the-grid manufacturing facility. They practice responsible energy usage and water conservation to maintain their reputation as a clean, green manufacturer in the personal care industry.

The problem with plastic

Every year 13 million tonnes of plastic is dumped into the ocean. Which is the equivalent to a garbage truck of plastic pouring into the ocean every minute. It’s destroying our seas and choking our marine life.

80 Billion

Every year 80 billion plastic shampoo and conditioner bottles are thrown out. That’s why we’ve taken plastic out of the equation.


Our solid shampoo bars have been developed utilising a unique waterless process. These bars are water activated when used for the first time due to the fact there is no water present in the actual bar. Our unique warm maceration process has been specifically designed around selected surfactants allowing us to perform this waterless production method. This low heat process also does not place any stress on our active components that heat, and pressure can diminish the properties of. Due to the unique nature of our production process, we have also developed an Australian designed and produced extrusion machine.

Blue Wave

As opposed to most shampoo bars on the market that are generally based around soap noodles. Our machine has been designed to handle the unique consistency of our base product. After months of extraneous testing we come up with the perfect combination of product and extrusion principles to produce our water activated shampoo bars.

From Around Australia

From Around Australia