The Power of PAP+

✔️ Brighten your smile without Hydrogen Peroxide
✔️ Results can be seen from first use
✔️ Removes years of surface stains
✔️Safe and effective teeth whitening

The PAP+ difference. Backed By Science & 3 Key Ingredients.

PAP 2%

1. Ditch the peroxide

Clinically proven to brighten your smile without using peroxide bleach.

Gentle Yet Effective: Our formula includes ingredients that work to whiten the teeth without the harsh effects that can lead to enamel erosion or dentin exposure.

By avoiding harsher bleaching agents like hydrogen peroxide, we minimize the potential risk of sensitivity meaning you can achieve that whiter smile without the discomfort!

Hydoxyapatite 1%

2. Re-mineralise teeth

Hydroxyapatite 1% Rebuilds the protective layer of your teeth and replaces lost minerals from the tooth surface.

Enamel Safety: Research suggests that hydrogen peroxide can change the enamel’s structure at a microscopic level, potentially making it more porous and susceptible to wear and tear.

We design our products with enamel safety in mind, ensuring that your teeth remain strong and healthy while getting whiter! Win-win.

Potassium Citrate 0.15%

3. Decreased sensitivity

Potassium Citrate 0.15% Helps decrease tooth sensitivity,
and protects against external stimuli.

Suitable for Sensitive Teeth If you have sensitive teeth, you know the importance of being careful with dental products and we didn’t want to leave you out!

  • Vegan Friendly

  • Flouride Free

  • High Quality Ingredients

  • Hydrogen Peroxide Free